Brain Dump - Sunday Afternoon

Years ago, I ran across a concept from an author and early internet entrepreneur Mark Joyner.

A “brain dump” is basically a tool for those of us engaged in a number of things to lay everything out on paper so we can relax and “put it to rest” for a while. Then you can also pick it back up whenever you want, you can prioritize things etc… So I’ve been using it for many years to give myself the most productive use of time.

But a friend of mine, Gary Lamb suggested doing a “brain dump” on my blog to give people an idea of what goes through my head on a regular basis.

Here we go! These are basically just stream of consciousness thoughts on a Sunday afternoon…

  • A huge marketing piece should hit much of our city this week. We’re surveying the entire city to find out what the top spiritual questions are. (Check it out if you haven’t!

  • Pastor Rhett Burnett did a great job speaking today, so honored to serve with him.

  • So thankful for my kids, they are the best ever…even when they don’t get along.

  • It’s too hot. I’ve gained too much weight in the last 12 months. That makes the heat worse.

  • Disaster recovery efforts are really changing. Last week for volunteers at Hillsdale College in Moore. Next to last week for Hope Raisers.

  • Need to make sure we get a smooth transition on the construction business since Alyssa (oldest daughter) will be leaving on 8/20 to study in Ecuador.

  • Need to set up better systems for our big events (baptisms and special celebrations) no reason to reinvent the wheel every time we pull off an event.

  • The last time I cleaned off my desk, I put a huge pile of things in that box. Maybe I should see if there’s anything important in there?

  • Tonight and tomorrow I’ll be hanging with the family and visiting Six Flags over TX. The EF5 on 5/20 cut out our vacation, so we’ve been doing day trips this summer. Fired up about that!

  • Lord, please give wisdom to the producers and me for the film project. Show us the right stories of hope, faith and overcoming to highlight to share more about You.

  • Administratively, I’m slowly improving but I could still use someone to help me with just personal stuff. Should I feel guilty about that?

  • This summer has been an incredible time for ministry. Loads of people helped by Elevators and a number of people came to know Christ at Elevate because of the disaster. – I’m thankful for all the good that’s been done here in the name of Christ.

  • I’m also thankful the summer is almost over and many things are going back to “normal” even if it is a “new normal”.

Have a great week!

Note: This post was written August 2013 and migrated over in 2017. ~ Steven Earp, 2018/11/12