Brain Dump - Monday Morning

• Had loads of fun shooting pool with my youngest girl yesterday. She’s growing up and fun to be around.

• Getting close to being finished with teaching Hebrews for now. I’ve enjoyed it greatly. (

• I need to get back to watching my messages weekly and practicing. Here’s how you can tell when I haven’t practiced my messages… my stories are too long. 🙂

• My desk is a mess. Someone please come organize it!

• I’m super thankful Chrysty is able to take care of herself right now. A week ago, she had a rough couple days. We’d be at the hospital now if she hadn’t improved.

• Running the family construction company without Alyssa here is a ton of work. Counting the days until she returns.

• I realized yesterday we haven’t had any rental vacancies in over six months! Thank the Lord and thanks to the property managers.

• We commissioned a spiritual survey in Moore. Tens of thousands of people were exposed, hundreds of responses. 126 responses today will be separated into the top six questions today. Thanks Jessee Robertson for your time.

• I have three inflatables in my driveway. I don’t miss moving them around. (Ten years ago, we sold Game Time Inflatables to it’s current owner.)

• Church Dream Team picnic today! This is for everyone who serves in any way at Elevate Church. We have the best team ever. Thanks Anthony Alan for doing the heavy lifting on the party.

• I have tons of personal mail that needs to be processed – I should get on that. Some medical bills.

• A letter from cousin Iris – nervous to open it. We had awkward relations a couple years ago when she sent me a mistaken bill for 13 million dollars. You may know her, she’s the daughter of my Uncle Sam.

• Thanks Kimmy Earp for taking care of your mom yesterday morning and through church! It allowed me to focus on being the preacher-man! I love you!

• I’ve really enjoyed spending time with the three youngest Earplings this week. Thanks Brian Cates for the recommend on the board game “Ticket to Ride!”

• Saturday, I spent some time reading through my journal from back in December. The inner rhythms of my heart and life are fascinating to me. When things are a bit rough, I tend to anchor myself deeper to Him. Need to walk more with Him in the good times.

• Alyssa is having a great time in Ecuador. ( – She uses loads of words to express herself. I wonder where that tendency came from?

• Film project “Where Was God?” is getting close to being done with pre-production. The stories to be followed are being narrowed down. Some filming has started. I’m excited about it and praying it will be a blessing to Moore.

• Disasters are fascinating. For some, it’s an annoyance on the television. For others, it’s an emotional day. For others, it’s weeks of replacing things. For others it’s serving, volunteering and giving tirelessly for weeks. There are some, who lost the most, who’s lives are changed forever. I’ve learned the most from them.

Happy Labor Day everyone! I’m off to take on this week!

Note: This post was written October 2013 and migrated over in 2017. ~ Steven Earp, 2018/11/12