Getting Results by Casting Vision part III

Casting Vision and Getting Results Part III – Casting vision face to face!
You know, vision can be (and should be) shared in a number of ways. Sharing vision with someone one on one is an entirely different skill set than casting vision for a crowd. Sharing vision in a small group is even different. We’ll deal with casting vision one on one here.
One of my favorite things to do in business and ministry is to connect with people face to face to share the vision I’m pursuing. I’ve spent more time doing this than any other one single practice. Face to face vision casting is probably the most effective form of sharing vision and getting buy in. Here’s how I do it…

  • Keep it informal – Simplify your vision so you can grab a napkin in a coffee shop and sketch out quickly the vision you’re sharing.
  • Realize this vision isn’t for everyone – When you schedule to meet with someone, tell them, “Hey, this might not be for you but I just want to share my vision about _________, can we meet up for coffee?” Then when you’re actually sharing with them…make sure you’re not “selling” them but just sharing your enthusiasm. Repeat to yourself and to them… “this may not be for you”.
  • Listen to them first – If you’re looking to get someone to come along with you in a business venture… ask questions first and listen intently to their answers. “What are your long term business or work goals? Are you happy with your job?” Etc…
  • After listening to them, share – “Hey, thanks for sharing that, here’s my vision…”
  • Ask if your vision and theirs can be merged. “Hey, does anything I’ve said here interest you? Do you think your vision and mine could happen together?  If not, who do you know that would listen to my vision on this?”
  • Ask them to consider what you’ve shared and ask when you can follow up.
  • Follow up! All of the results come from the follow up.

Check out some of my previous posts about casting vision for a small group of people. It requires a completely different skill set. Happy vision casting!