Getting Results by Casting Vision Part I

Some time ago I read some sort of criticism for pastors using the phrase “casting vision”. I’m not sure why I’m surprised. No matter what someone does, says or thinks…there’s some group out there to give you 101 reasons that you shouldn’t be doing whatever it is you’re doing. Actually, I think some people must have some sort of supernatural ability to be highly critical of others.
When I use the phrase “vision casting” here’s what I mean…

Vision – seeing things as they could be rather than as they are today. This could be for your life, your business, your family, your ministry…you get the idea. Seeing the big picture is the essential part of this. This is imagining and seeing clearly in your mind what currently isn’t a reality but could be in the future. For some, this is a natural ability… for others, it takes some discipline to develop this ability. Everyone can develop big picture thinking to some degree or another.
Vision casting – painting the picture for someone…the picture that you already see clearly, but they aren’t yet privy to. Sharing a word picture for someone of what the future could be…as opposed to what it is now. If vision is described vividly, with enthusiasm…then the listener has the greatest opportunity to see it, feel it…and buy into it!

In the world of Christian pastoring, this is generally called “vision casting” but in the business world where I’ve spent much of my personal development time…it’s called sales-the transference of belief from one person to another.

Check out part II for some tips on why success in ANYTHING requires successful vision casting…