Casting Vision for a Small Group of People (part 2)

I love to sit around a table with people, share my heart and let them rip my ideas apart. If the plans are the Lord’s and if the plans are decent, they’ll withstand scrutiny. When I walk away from the table, I take the scraps of what’s left and see what I still think of my grand ideas.

So here are some principles for casting vision in general, but especially to a small group…

  • Be authentic.  – “I could be wrong and maybe there’s a better plan out there, but for the following reasons, I’m convinced of this…”
  • Ask them to help sharpen your focus. – “Can you tell me what you think about this? I really value your input.”
  • Share something for everyone. – Some are motivated by the details, give them stats. Some are motivated by having fun – share the excitement of the vision. Some are motivated by relationships, share the camaraderie of working together. Some are motivated by results, show them how this vision will make a difference.
  • Stories sell, facts tell. – Jesus only taught using stories…
  • When someone opposes, affirm and thank them. – Everyone else will appreciate you more. Plus, it’s the right thing to do.
  • If you get negative body language feedback – Ask them to consider it, pray about it and “give me your feedback later”. Follow up with them individually.
  • If you get positive or neutral feedback – “So how do you guys feel about what I just shared?”

Generally people are more candid one on one rather than in a small group. So you’ve got to use wisdom to share in groups, but it can still be done effectively.