Casting Vision for a Small Group of People

Okay so doing face to face vision casting is about like taking a high powered rifle with a scope, aiming at your target and hitting it dead on. You’ve got one target…that’s the person you’re sharing with.

In smaller groups of people it’sa bit different. First of all, what I’m about to share is really my own personal preferences based on my background. As a 36 year old GenX guy, I really like getting a group of like minded people together…that aren’t intimidated by me…and just sharing my heart, my passion and what I believe the vision for the future can be. Then I invite them to tear my idea apart and rip it to shreds.

Remember, the big deal is this… you aren’t looking for everyone to buy into what you’re planning. Whether it’s a business your starting, something you’re selling for a living or if you’re starting a church, you really need to see the sales/vision –casting process as sorting through people rather than convincing them.

If you’re vision is from the Lord, then He has called others to join you. Your job is to find those people. If you’re selling some product to make a living, a certain percentage of people will be looking to buy, sales is just finding them.

Think of it like a deck of cards. The people you’re looking for that will be buyers for you, those that will fall in love with your vision and say “sign me up” will be like the aces. Every deck of cards has four aces. Just flip through the cards as fast as you can till you find them. Don’t waste time trying to convince the other 48 cards to be the ace you’re looking for.

Stay tuned for part II of Casting Vision for a Small Group of People…