Does Oklahoma City Really Need a New Church?

Well, of course everyone knows that Oklahoma City is in the buckle of the Bible belt so why would anyone want to plant a new church here? I’ve had this question asked a number of times. Here are our answers:

Why plant another church in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is rightly called the buckle of the Bible belt. Most people here have some experience in church… but by no means are a majority of people committed to following Christ or even attending church. Here’s the reality of it:

It is estimated that as many as 80% of Oklahoma residents do not attend any church.(According to BGCO)
In 1900 there were 27 congregations for every 10,000 residents.  Today, that number has dropped to 11 churches for every 10,000 residents. (Converge)
There is only one state out of all 50 where evangelical church attendance has kept up with population growth (Hawaii). In every other state, the evangelical Christian church has actually declined. (ARC, Haas)
“Some stats say as high as 92% of churches are in decline and not reaching people for Christ.” Brad Ransom
There are an estimated 2 million lost people in Oklahoma. (BGCO)

The bottom line is that nearly every single community in Oklahoma needs more churches planted in them to reach the growing and increasingly diverse population. We need more churches of all sizes and cultures if we are to reach the various ethnic, cultural groups and ages here in Oklahoma.