After growing up in Moore, Oklahoma and meeting in junior high, Chrysty and I married between our junior and senior year in high school. (We don’t recommend that!) Now, 21 years later, we have five kids. The oldest daughter is a senior in college. Then we have a college freshman and a 10th, 8th and 7th grader. (We affectionately call this crew “Team Earp!”)

Many guys say this, but seriously, I have the best wife in the world. She’s so positive and sweet…she’s really the main reason many of our friends stick around. Everyone loves Chrysty! In 2007 she was diagnosed with MS which has changed our lives significantly. We’ve grown through all we’ve experienced.

We strive to balance time between four things: Christ, each other, ministry and business.

When we were 18, we volunteered for a new church plant. During our time there, we served in many different church roles. From kid’s ministry to leading several Spanish language missions to the launching of Elevate Church in Moore, OK, we’ve served in just about any church leadership role we can think of.

In 2000, I took over as pastor of a church in an urban part of Oklahoma City. I grew tremendously while there. We saw some great things happen there. Several friends from that church are now serving in full-time ministry in different parts of the world. We helped launch six different Spanish language works. Church planting has always been part of our DNA.

Business has also been in our blood. Since I’ve served mostly in urban churches with limited resources we’ve always been involved in business to fund our ministry habit. So we’ve started, owned, operated and sold a number of different businesses through the years. In recent years, buying, selling and leasing real estate has paid the bills for us. However, since six months before Elevate Church (www.ElevateOKC.com) was launched, we’ve been mostly in full-time ministry. We do still have an ownership interest in a family owned construction company and we still have some rentals.

Pastor Steven Earp was among the first rag-tag group of Jesus-lovers and risk-takers who founded Elevate Church in September 2011.

Steven has been in church leadership more than two decades, with many years spent balancing between managing a successful business and overseeing a growing ministry. As a church-planting coach and strategist, he has helped launch 20 churches, and continues to work one-on-one with church planters on a daily basis, as well as organizing and facilitating training events for pastors and leaders.

Steven is the Executive Producer of Where Was God: Stories of Hope After the Storm, a critically-acclaimed faith-based film. After a limited run theatrical release, the DVD is now available in retail outlets nationwide, as well as on Netflix. www.WhereWasGod.com

His first book, The Storms of Life: Learning To Trust God Again, was released in October 2015. www.StormsofLifebook.com

Steven and his wife Chrysty began their life together as high school sweethearts more than a quarter century ago. Today they have five kids, affectionately called Earplings.

As Lead Pastor of Elevate Church, Steven's primary responsibilities include preaching and teaching, overseeing staff and developing new leaders, in addition to expanding our vision for ministry and opportunities for growth.


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